Session Program: Update on Jan. 26

"Poster view 1 and Networking" and "Poster view 2 and Networking" are added.

*Please note that the program is tentative and subject to change.  


Plenary Sessions: Update on Feb. 17

 .The program has been updated. (Updated on Feb. 17) 

  1. International Flood Initiative (IFI) Concerted actions towards a resilient, sustainable and inclusive society
  2. Integrated Flood Management under/after the COVID-19 Pandemic Integrated Flood Management
  3. Climate Change Adaptation: IPCC/AR6 and Actions to be Taken Adaptation to Changes
  4. River Basin Disaster Resilience and Sustainability by All


Themes for Submissions to be Presented in Parallel Sessions: Updates on Feb. 16

.The oral presentation program has been updated. (Updated on Feb. 16)

  1. Lessons Learnt from the Recent Flood & Sediment Disasters towards Better Understanding and Actions
  2. Data Integration, Modelling, Forecasting and Early Warning
  3. Assessment of Changing Global Risks and their impacts on flooding
  4. Flood & Sediment Disaster Counter Measures: Structural and Non-structural Approaches
  5. Flood & Sediment Disaster Resilience: Shock Absorption, Response and Transformation
  6. Flooding Governance and Finance
  7. Education and Capacity Building for Effective Flood Management
  8. Interlinkage between Flood & Sediment Disaster Resilience and the SDGs: Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Approaches
  9. Compound flooding disasters
  10. Systems approach to management of floods


Poster Sessions: Updates on Feb 15.

  • The poster presentation program has been updated. (Updated on Feb 15)
  • Half-One-hour poster view including indexing with one page PPT. for 100 60 seconds at the end of Plenary session each day.
  • "Poster view 1 and Networking" and "Poster view 2 and Networking" are added. (2023/1/26)
  • All posters can be post at the corridor of the 2nd floor from the 1st day (Feb. 19) (2023/1/26)
  • Erich Plate Poster prize


Special Sessions: Updates on Feb 13.

The ICFM9 has accepted a total of 266 abstracts for its ten thematic sessions. The conference has accepted below five special sessions to discuss cross-cutting, area-specific, or other uniquely themed issues. 

Date & time


Session title

19th Feb. (Sun.)


Room 405

How to use new climate events in flood risk analyses

19th Feb. (Sun.)


Room 405

Toward Quality-oriented Societies in Asia through the Actions for Water-related Disasters Risk Reduction and Climate Resilience by All in the River Basins of Asia

20th Feb. (Mon.)


Convention Hall 200

JSPS Flash floods Project

20th Feb. (Mon.)


Room 201

SATREPS project between Japan and Philippines toward Climate Resilience 

20th Feb. (Mon.)



Room 405

Global Flood Monitoring and Modeling


Please note that abstracts and extended abstracts that will be collected by special session conveners without the ICFM9 review process are not allowed to be submitted to the PIASH special issue though they will be shared electrically during the conference. 


Other Events: Updated on Jan 24

Lunch Seminar: 

Introduction of Flood Prediction and Adaptation Research under Japan's National Climate Program (SENTAN Program)

Date: February 20 (Mon) 12:00-13:00

Venue: EPOCHAL Tsukuba, Room 101

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Technical booth exhibitions : 

 ICFM9 is now accepting proposals for the technical booth exhibition by December 28. (under selection)


Half day Visit to Research Institutes in TsukubaFebruary 21, 2023 (PM) 

Field Trip: February 22, 2023